My session with Kat was a little over 2 years ago and it was really transforming. She was so kind and helpful and really guided me as it was my first time doing a Psych K session around relationships and struggling with feeling deserving of a healthy relationship. After my session I felt good and kept up with the notes that she provided me with. After years of struggling I finally felt relief and three months after our session I met my person and all of the balances we went through came true. I don’t believe I would be in such a healthy and happy relationship if it wasn’t for psych k and Kat.

Liberating! Just for A Session

I was excited to find someone who is a purist, so to speak, on Psych-K. I wanted to experience the original Psych-K. I have worked with different modalities and a small spin off from the original Psych-K, I believe. I did not understand why supposedly all my issues such as fear to success, old beliefs of unworthiness returned. Less intense but still exist in my memory and it affects how I look at life, still fearful and negative. I was tired…

My subconscious mind was powerful – to almost sabotage the first meeting. I am very thankful Kat was patience and we finally met up. I was open to the Zoom meeting though at first I was unsure how effective it might be.

I loved the fact Kat took my feedback in stride. She was open, patience, and only wanted to see my success on a full scale! I was allowed to be my true self. I was encouraged to think big and be the best I believe that I am.

I found some underlying causes of my fears and self-doubts which had never occurred to me until during the session. I was surprised. I have been in search diligently to understand it for 7 years; my fatigue, feeling lifeless, and joyless. My search to find out who I really am has been 3 decades! So, imagine the relief I felt when I understood my struggles in life.

I was still taken aback by the new found truth. I was so appreciative of the support Kat gave. I did not think much of it except some life puzzles solved after the session.

Until I noticed my inner self felt recognized and liberated. I found myself happy and skipping inside. I noticed my close neighbours did not recognized me. I did not think much of it until I caught myself at the mirror 2 hours after the session. Wow! My feature is sharp, eyes are clear, my face glows.

When my husband saw me after his work, he stared at me and said, “Your face has changed.”

I am so looking forward to discovering more gems in these next few hours, and days. I really feel liberated! I started to notice my dying dreams are breathing again. How cool to be feeling alive again!

Releasing some Baggage

I am someone who is always looking to heal my internal “wounds,” or so I had thought. I will be the first to say I have been to counselors, reiki healers, hypnotherapist, EMDR sessions, and read countless amount of books to deal with things that I know are self sabotaging behaviors. I am a woman in my 30s, never married but has always wanted have a good and honest relationship that would potentially last a lifetime. However, I always ended up being in relationships that would drain me, men that neglected me, and in the end left me broken hearted. I have been wanting to get to the core of why I am attracted to this behavior and more important to not be attracted to a relationship that I know in the end is bad. I went with hopeful expectations of change, Kat empathetically listened to me. I left the session a few hours later, I didn’t really feel a great change at that moment. But then realized within the coming week I didn’t want to see someone at all that had greatly hurt me, someone I had been dating off and on for six months. I even decided to leave the relationship behind, without any remorse or regret. In the past I had tried and tried to no avail. Now I feel different, I feel a sense of power about what I want, determined not to settle for someone who treats me less than what I deserve to be treated. I am satisfied and happy that I went to see Kat.


I have worked with Kat for several hours getting rid of several emotional charges that were causing physical symptoms in my body. I am so thankful for her kindness and willingness to help. Highly recommended.

This is legit…

Kat helped me in a big way. In one session, together, we debugged many limiting beliefs and long standing past issues. I am going back when needed and I’m telling friends about Kat and her service. It is of great comfort to me knowing that when I identify a bug in my system (thinking, feeling, self-talk, physical state, mindset etc), that is creating a barrier between my present reality and my goal, I can simply set an appointment with Kat and within a few days I can remove these obstacles and move quickly towards my goal, health and happiness. Thank you so much Kat.

Unlimited Quest

I met Kat through our Agape Women’s Group, and felt a connection immediately to what she was doing. I had some great odds to overcome in getting my memoir made into a film, but she took it all in stride in working with me. She’s always positive in dealing with some of my old tapes and giving me just the right words to build my staunch belief in myself. We ran into some real stumbling blocks when I found out someone I thought was being supportive, was simply taking advantage of me. She helped me build back up again when I didn’t think I could, and that made me even stronger. I now feel it is no longer an unlimited quest, as I’ve continued to conquer so many barriers common with the film industry. My belief in myself is stronger than ever before, as I continue doing the work. I have no limitations, knowing my success is at hand. Thank YOU, Kat.


We have all experienced traumatic events in our lives, which shape and form our perception of the world. I noticed based on some of my early traumatic experiences, I kept attracting certain types of situations and people. These reoccurring negative situations and people kept chipping away at my soul and I started to fall into a depression. However, I’m the type of person who likes to find solutions and break negative cycles. Therefore, I started to do research on different types of therapy and I stumbled across Psych-K. I was a bit skeptical, but I was willing to try it because if it did work I knew the results would be more immediate than any other type of therapy. I found Kat’s website and I liked that she offered videos to watch to get familiar with the process. I live in south Texas and the nearest facilitator I could find was 12 hours away (Kat), but I decided to be bold and I scheduled a 5 hour session with her to take advantage of my flight to Dallas. I did a lot of homework on my own with Kat’s guidance before meeting together, so that we could use our time as productively as possible. After doing some subconscious programming, the first thing I noticed was that my depression had lifted and I felt very energetic and whole again. Moreover, I find myself attracting new, positive situations, and people into my life. Kat mentioned that the programming will develop overtime and settle more over time, so I’m hoping to see more positive changes and results with the passage of time. Kat is very patient, non-judgmental, and creates a safe environment to work in. I would encourage people who want to change their lives to give Psych-K therapy with Kat an opportunity.