I was excited to find someone who is a purist, so to speak, on Psych-K. I wanted to experience the original Psych-K. I have worked with different modalities and a small spin off from the original Psych-K, I believe. I did not understand why supposedly all my issues such as fear to success, old beliefs of unworthiness returned. Less intense but still exist in my memory and it affects how I look at life, still fearful and negative. I was tired…

My subconscious mind was powerful – to almost sabotage the first meeting. I am very thankful Kat was patience and we finally met up. I was open to the Zoom meeting though at first I was unsure how effective it might be.

I loved the fact Kat took my feedback in stride. She was open, patience, and only wanted to see my success on a full scale! I was allowed to be my true self. I was encouraged to think big and be the best I believe that I am.

I found some underlying causes of my fears and self-doubts which had never occurred to me until during the session. I was surprised. I have been in search diligently to understand it for 7 years; my fatigue, feeling lifeless, and joyless. My search to find out who I really am has been 3 decades! So, imagine the relief I felt when I understood my struggles in life.

I was still taken aback by the new found truth. I was so appreciative of the support Kat gave. I did not think much of it except some life puzzles solved after the session.

Until I noticed my inner self felt recognized and liberated. I found myself happy and skipping inside. I noticed my close neighbours did not recognized me. I did not think much of it until I caught myself at the mirror 2 hours after the session. Wow! My feature is sharp, eyes are clear, my face glows.

When my husband saw me after his work, he stared at me and said, “Your face has changed.”

I am so looking forward to discovering more gems in these next few hours, and days. I really feel liberated! I started to notice my dying dreams are breathing again. How cool to be feeling alive again!