I am someone who is always looking to heal my internal “wounds,” or so I had thought. I will be the first to say I have been to counselors, reiki healers, hypnotherapist, EMDR sessions, and read countless amount of books to deal with things that I know are self sabotaging behaviors. I am a woman in my 30s, never married but has always wanted have a good and honest relationship that would potentially last a lifetime. However, I always ended up being in relationships that would drain me, men that neglected me, and in the end left me broken hearted. I have been wanting to get to the core of why I am attracted to this behavior and more important to not be attracted to a relationship that I know in the end is bad. I went with hopeful expectations of change, Kat empathetically listened to me. I left the session a few hours later, I didn’t really feel a great change at that moment. But then realized within the coming week I didn’t want to see someone at all that had greatly hurt me, someone I had been dating off and on for six months. I even decided to leave the relationship behind, without any remorse or regret. In the past I had tried and tried to no avail. Now I feel different, I feel a sense of power about what I want, determined not to settle for someone who treats me less than what I deserve to be treated. I am satisfied and happy that I went to see Kat.