We have all experienced traumatic events in our lives, which shape and form our perception of the world. I noticed based on some of my early traumatic experiences, I kept attracting certain types of situations and people. These reoccurring negative situations and people kept chipping away at my soul and I started to fall into a depression. However, I’m the type of person who likes to find solutions and break negative cycles. Therefore, I started to do research on different types of therapy and I stumbled across Psych-K. I was a bit skeptical, but I was willing to try it because if it did work I knew the results would be more immediate than any other type of therapy. I found Kat’s website and I liked that she offered videos to watch to get familiar with the process. I live in south Texas and the nearest facilitator I could find was 12 hours away (Kat), but I decided to be bold and I scheduled a 5 hour session with her to take advantage of my flight to Dallas. I did a lot of homework on my own with Kat’s guidance before meeting together, so that we could use our time as productively as possible. After doing some subconscious programming, the first thing I noticed was that my depression had lifted and I felt very energetic and whole again. Moreover, I find myself attracting new, positive situations, and people into my life. Kat mentioned that the programming will develop overtime and settle more over time, so I’m hoping to see more positive changes and results with the passage of time. Kat is very patient, non-judgmental, and creates a safe environment to work in. I would encourage people who want to change their lives to give Psych-K therapy with Kat an opportunity.