Can you tell me more about the “superconscious”?

PSYCH-K® identifies and communicates with three distinct, yet interactive levels of consciousness: the conscious, subconscious, and superconscious.
The conscious mind is the home of discernment and volition. The subconscious mind is habitual, or “programmed”, if you will. The conscious mind thinks abstractly, while the subconscious thinks literally.

The superconscious mind is different from either of the other “minds.” It’s more like a watchful and caring parent. Its job is to oversee the developmental process of your growth and evolution as a spiritual being having a human experience-to enable you to learn your lessons and grow up to be a fully functioning adult.

Whether you call it Superconscious Mind, Higher Self, Spirit, Soul, or something else, the concept of a part of consciousness beyond our conscious and subconscious minds has been a part of human culture for millennia. Although many mainstream scientists and psychologists continue to debate the existence of the superconscious mind, several thousand years of spiritual history and acceptance by some of the brightest minds from humanity validate its inclusion in the PSYCH-K® model for change.

This reality of a spiritually expanded consciousness is an important bridge between contemporary spirituality and contemporary psychology. PSYCH-K® provides a format to actively blend the two perspectives.
®The superconscious mind has wisdom and perspective the subconscious and conscious minds don’t have. Its job is to provide counsel and support to the other levels of mind and to help manifest the intentions of the conscious and subconscious mind by creating those “meaningful coincidences” in life that some people call “luck.” It usually works through the faculty of intuition.