All sessions are 60 minutes. It is impossible to know exactly how much work can be accomplished in one session. However most balances take between 2-5 minutes. Sometimes the subconscious will call for clarification of your goal. On average this takes up to 10 minutes to complete. Some of your goals will also require action steps to be taken to solidify your new goal. These will be determined after the balance is complete.

Sessions can be held in person, over the phone or via Zoom. It is important that you view all the Rob Williams videos provided on this site BEFORE attending your first session. This will optimize our time together.

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Session Rates
Session Rates are based on 90 minutes and include a 60 minute PSYCH-K Facilitation and a 30 minute follow-up/next steps phone call.
New Client Single Session $265.00 Clients who have never had a session with me before
Repeat Single Session Client $235.00 Clients who have had first time or single sessions but have never purchased a discount package
Previous Session Package Client $175.00 Clients who have previously purchased a discount package

Discount Package Rates (Open to All Clients)
Number of Sessions Rate per Session Total Fees
3 $225.00 $675.00
5 $205.00 $1025.00
10 $175.00 $1750.00